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  • TUBE exhibition
  • HMC 1-25 & HMC 1-35
  • HM 220
  • TM C

UNIFLEX is proud to inform you about our new products, classics from our product lineand to give you a short summary of the TUBE exhibition.

Your Uniflex-Hydraulics Team

TUBE 2016 in Düsseldorf


UNIFLEX looks back on a successful TUBE exhibition with unique machines:

  • HMC 1-25 & HMC 1-35: versatile c-crimper with two crimping heads, optimized for automotive & cooling unit applications
  • HM 245: c-crimper revolution with lateral opening for work pieces with challenging geometries
  • HM 220: Production crimper with extra slim crimping head
  • HM 485: Production crimper with big opening for flanges, Isolators or high pressure hoses
  • USC 10: Planetary cutting machine for metal braid hoses greatly reducing costs

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HMC 1-25 & HMC 1-35

Perfection across sectors

Perfection across sectors with the new HMC 1-25/35

Hoses for brakes, airbags, water or pipes for tents and steel cables and a lot more can be crimped efficiently with our new UNIFLEX C-Crimper. UNIFLEX is unveiling a world innovation, especially for workshops and automation systems.


  • Crimp Force: 25 or 35 tons
  • Opening of the C-tool: 46 mm
  • Length of the dies: 38 mm
  • Width of the tool: 68 mm
  • Type of dies: 239 (crimping dimensions: 0-50 mm)
  • Weight of one tool: 115 kg
  • Size of one tool: 800 x 160 x 390 mm
  • Greaseless UNIFLEX technology

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HM 220 C.2

UNIFLEX classic - strong, efficient and clean

The compact HM 220 impresses with its highly repeatable, accurate crimp results.  This machine comes with the standard UNIFLEX benefits including

  • high productivity,
  • ease of use, and
  • clean end product.

Featuring the UNIFLEX slide bearing technology requiring no grease, this machine is low maintenance and delivers consistant "to-the-spec" assemblies.

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TM C Cutting Blade

Here the wheat is separated from the chaff!

With its special coating the TM C cutting blade substantially reduces the power demand during cutting.

Coated with fine, very hard particles it produces a precise straight cut leading to a considerable reduction in contaminant and smoke. The hardness of the cutting blade remains unchanged even at high warming.

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