Welcome to our Flexmail 04-2016

Thank you very much for your great cooperation this year. On the following pages you will find an overview of all developments in 2016 and news from the last months.


    • Current developments

      • P350
      • TM C
      • UPP
      • Hose Manifold
      • S2 M H Ecoline
      • C.2 Control & accessories

    • New sales & service center in Russia
    • Updated list of regions and responsible sales representatives EMEA

    Uniflex P350 modular and safe test bench

    Modulares und sicheres Testen von Schlauchleitungen

    Modular and safe testing of hydraulic hose assemblies -  UNIFLEX proudly presents the new P350 pressure test bench with external pressure aggregate, C.2 control and a spacious testing chamber, that can be equipped as required! Simply move your hose assemblies (already packed for shipping) into the testing chamber via the ramp, quickly connect the hose adaptors and test your hose assemblies efficiently and safe – up to a maximum pressure of 1000 bar.

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    TM C Cutting Blade

    Here the wheat is separated from the chaff!

    With its special coating the TM C cutting blade substantially reduces the power demand during cutting.

    Coated with fine, very hard particles it produces a precise straight cut leading to a considerable reduction in contaminant and smoke. The hardness of the cutting blade remains unchanged even at high warming.

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    UPP Pressure Sensor for test benches

    Knowledge is power

    Either retrofitted to your existing UNIFLEX hose assembly test bench or as an option with the purchase of a new one, the UPP pressure sensor with documentation software enables you in a few steps to record your test procedure and results, save it and print it.

    Your customers trust your products - with UPP you will deliver a test certificate that is customizable  to your customer’s needs, and confirm it.

    UPP – knowledge is power:

    • User friendly and easy to set up
    • Direct and efficient test protocol
    • Real-time compilation and print-out of your certificates
    • Flexible and retrofittable to an existing P160 or P160 Ecoline

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    Hose Manifold

    Efficient and accelerated hose assembly testing

    With UNIFLEX test benches you do not only have the possibility to test 2 or 3 but 4 hose assemblies at once! Test with the known UNIFLEX precision and thanks to the new procedure accelerated by a factor of four.

    Combined with the proven quick coupling system your hose assemblies will be connected to the test bench within second.

    Testing is made this easy with the UNIFLEX Hose Manifold (Accessory No. 405.6 for P160 and P160 Ecoline)

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    S2 M H Ecoline

    Reducing downtimes

    The S2 M H Ecoline service crimper from UNIFLEX is the ideal device for the on-site repair of hydraulic hoses in construction and agricultural machinery.

    The manually operated device weighs only 30 kg and allows for the fast and safe establishment of hose connections up to 1" (for 2-part fittings) or 1 ¼" (for single-part fittings). Thanks to the greaseless slide bearing technology and the sturdy frame, crimping with the S2 M Ecoline is particularly safe, clean and convenient.

    When operated in high-gear mode, the new two-stage pump of the S2 M H Ecoline range is particularly efficient, so that tasks can be completed three times faster than with conventional pumps. When not in use, simply push in the telescopic lever, so that the device takes up even less space when stowed away.

    As is the case with all hydraulic crimpers from UNIFLEX, the S2 M H Ecoline  comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years.


    • Hose connections up to 1" / 1 ¼ 4SP (2-part fittings / single-part fittings)
    • NEW: Two-Stage Pump -High-Gear Mode (three times faster)
    • Lightweight - perfect for on-site repair
    • Greaseless - UNIFLEX slide bearing technology is particularly clean
    • UNIFLEX Warranty - 2-year warranty on new machines

    For more informatione please visit our website or contact our experts.

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    C.2 Control

    Machine Control with new features

    The C.2 machine control wit intuitive operation for UNIFLEX products has high definition color touch display. For an easier usage there are revised and updated standard menus (Quick-Menus) as well as the possibility to individualize each menu and function directly on-screen.

    The new and additional security gaurd provides an increased longevity. The centralized control using HID-compliant devices makes it even more efficient and quick to work with the C.2 Control.

    In addition, Features as PFM give you the possibility to to document and follow-up product and machine data. Product management for serial and production as well as service vie network with quick data up- and downloads are additional features.

    Production management for serial production, production in line with your own processes


    • 7" Siemens color touch display and endless article memory
    • Quick-Menus (standardized) and Production-Menus
    • All menus can be individualized
    • Security Gaurd for longevity (accessory)
    • Zentralized control using HID-compliant devices
    • PFM Option: Quality control and documentation with follow-up feature (accessory)
    • Data set filtering for faster production and quick scanning of your data via scanners (accessory)
    • Linking of the scanner menus to your production data set (accessory)
    • Simple organization of changes, maintenance and management of the production data sets (accessory)
    • Easy upload and download of data with a variety of possibilities such as external database, scanners, USB flash drive, Vernier calipers or remotely via the internet (accessory)

    Calibrating hose crimpers – easier than ever

    UNIFLEX is constantly developing new features for its unique slide bearing hydraulic crimpers, making them even safer and easier to operate, which also means higher productivity.

    One such development is a smart accessory for the latest version of the HMI Comfort Panel C.2 with 7" colour touch screen and Siemens HID ports. This accessory comes with its own software for quick and easy calibration/adjustment of workpieces.

    Calibration is now easier than ever, and the process can be integrated into your testing equipment list, facilitating certification. The intuitive user interface is based on programmable customer-specific profiles. Apart from calibration, software solutions from UNIFLEX cater for quality assurance tasks, CIM, product control and many other applications and can be implemented as part of your own network and/or as customized programs.

    New Safety Gaurd for an increased longevity

    UNIFLEX accessories make it even easier for you to operate a variety of hydraulic presses while boosting your productivity.

    As you would expect from UNIFLEX, the C.2 is supporting a variety of customisable features as well as an intuitive user interface using programmable customer-specific profiles. Calibration, quality assurance, CIM, production monitoring, and similar are easier to deal with using your own network and/or custom programs.

    A brand new Makrolon® protective gaurd specifically designed for the C.2 protects it against dirt and knocks, adding to the legendary UNIFLEX longevity that you will find in any UNIFLEX product.

    Interested? Please contact our experts or visit our website.

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    New UNIFLEX Sales and Service Center in RUSSIA

    As of the 1st of December the “Hydraulics-Engineering-Service LLC” is our new service center in Russia. The showroom invites visitors to test and experience the whole range of the UNIFLEX machines and our on-site team will happily assist with any queries regarding stock, service and sales. We are more than happy to welcome Dietmar, Lev, Mikhail and Vladimir to the UNIFLEX family.


    Hydraulics-Engineering-Services LLC / GIS LLC               
    Sirbirsky tract 12/8 entrance 11                       
    620100 Yekanterinburg
    Sverdlovsk Oblast
    Russische Federation

    Telefon: +7 343 379 3639
    E-Mail: info(at)gisural.com

    Our new colleagues are (from left to right):

    Mikhail S. Lekomtsev, Sales Manager for UNIFLEX in Russia. Mikhail is a sales engineer in industrial hydraulics. He has a lot of expertise with Vickers, Internormen and many other brands.
    E-Mail: mikhail.lekomtsev(at)uniflex.de
    Mobile: +7 922 112 9324

    Dietmar Kreyser is leading the team at the offices in Yekaterinburg. He has been in the hydraulic field for more than 25 years as an international business developer for Bosch and later regional sales director for Eaton, responsible for 30 countries in the east of Europe. His expertise will be a great advantage for our customers.
    E-Mail: dietmar.kreyser(at)uniflex.de
    Mobile: +7 912 272 9075

    Vladimir N. Burnatov, inside sales and customer care manager for UNIFLEX in Russia. He studied economy in the USA and speaks English and Russian.
    E-Mail: vladimir.burnatov(at)uniflex.de
    Mobile: +7 906 800 3308

    Patrick Sticker, President of UNIFLEX-Hydraulik GmbH

    Lev O. Gorinov, head of administration. He built up a lot of experience in import and administrative organization for Argos-Hytos, Kracht and Hydrotechnik.
    E-Mail: lev.gorinov(at)uniflex.de
    Mobile: +7 922 110 6111

    Updated list of regions and responsible sales representatives

    Country Sales Representative
    Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldavia, Sweden, Norway Janusz Knopt
    E-Mail: janusz.knopt(at)unfilex.de
    Mobil: +49 173 761 1805
    Slovakia, Cyprus, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands Maciej Biros
    E-Mail: maciej.biros(at)uniflex.de
    Mobil: +49 174 972 6670
    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Tajikistan Vladimir Schevschenko
    E-Mail: vladimir.schevschenko(at)uniflex.de
    Mobil: +37 529 763 7040
    UK & sales office Valentin Bart
    E-Mail: valentin.bart(at)uniflex.de
    Phone: +49 6039 9171 212
    Afghanistan, Pakistan Obaid Ullah Sayedi
    E-Mail: obaid.ullah.sayedi(at)uniflex.de
    Phone: +49 6039 9171 216
    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein Tobias Münch
    E-Mail: tobias.muench(at)uniflex.de
    Phone: +49 6039 7191 214
    Mobil: +49 172 102 9967
    Africa Mohamed Ali Sayahi
    E-Mail: mohamed.ali.sayahi(at)uniflex.de
    Mobil: +49 174 2083 151
    France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Malta, San Marino, Israel, Palestine Patrick Sticker
    E-Mail: patrick.sticker(at)uniflex.de
    Phone: +49 6039 9171 118
    Mobil: +49 170 441 2002
    Turkey, Middle East, Iran, Spain, Portugal, Greece Ismail Karakaya
    E-Mail: ismail.karakaya(at)uniflex.de
    Phone: +49 6039 9171 213
    Mobil: +49 174 182 2377

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Looking back on a successful year we wish you and your family a pleasant festive season and a wonderful start for 2017.

    All the best wishes and a peaceful Christmas holiday!

    Instead of spending money for presents UNIFLEX-Hydraulik this year donates to Human Rights Watch to support their work throughout the whole world.


    In this spirit we are saying “thank you” for the your contribution on behalf of human rights watch.

    Please note, that our head office in Germany will be closed from 23rd December 2016 until 8th January 2017.