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  • UNIFLEX lowers the prices for Slide bearings
  • UNIFLEX S 7: Maximal Power by minimal space requirement
  • New Staff at UNIFLEX
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Less than 0.0021 Euro per crimping operation

UNIFLEX hydraulic crimpers with surprisingly low unit cost per crimping operation

The Best Return on Investment

This motto is satisfied by UNIFLEX time and again. On the occasion of our latest price reduction for slide bearings (up to 50%!), we wish to remind of the many advantages of the unique UNIFLEX slide bearing technology – and draw attention to the fact that it is definitely reasonable to replace the slide bearings as wear parts from time to time.

UNIFLEX hydraulic crimpers offer maximum productivity at extremely low operating cost. The slide bearing technology reduces the friction between the moving machine parts and thus simultaneously both the crimp force loss and the energy consumption by up to 20 percent.

And since slide bearing-based machines run lubricant-free, they do not need elaborate cleaning and maintenance like most of the other hydraulic crimpers. An average extra time for service of 20 to 30 minutes per week totals approximately 20 working hours per year, which can be saved and/or used more productively thanks to a UNIFLEX hydraulic crimper.

€ 0.002 and less for one crimping operation

Calculations over the complete life cycle of older UNIFLEX hydraulic crimpers show exceptionally low cost of 0.2 Cent – and less – per crimping operation. Roughly two thirds thereof are the pure price of the machine and the maintenance cost account for approximately one third over a period of 20 years with: Complete overhauls every two years as well as new slide bearings, oil and springs once per year. After the simple exchange of the bearing plates, the machine runs with the same precision and reliability as at the time when it was still new even after 20 years. 

Lubricant-free – a clean job!

UNIFLEX hydraulic crimpers run virtually wear-free and, nevertheless, like clockwork – however, without lubrication and, therefore, without the machine, the workpiece or the operator becoming dirty.

This prevents chips accumulating during crimping from settling in fat or soil, instead they can virtually be sucked off in a jiffy. Therefore, all seals in the tool and the base jaws remain clean, and long-term stability of the process and repeat accuracy can be guaranteed.

Hose crimpers with slide bearing technology thus offer ideal conditions for demanding fields of application in, for instance, the food and pharmaceutical sectors where not only precision is of the essence, but maximum cleanliness is of paramount importance as well.

In order to ensure that these properties are maintained and that your crimper runs precisely and reliably for years and even decades, the slide bearings should, nevertheless, be exchanged at regular intervals.

Recommended maintenance intervals

Sliding bearing condition after ca. 900,000 crimping operations

It`s difficult to say in general how often the slide bearings should be exchanged, since this depends on many factors. They include, apart from the number of crimping operations, the individual pressure applied as well as the type and amount of material chips of the individual hoses and fixings. As a rule of thumb, we recommend replacing the slide bearings in production crimpers used in one shift-operation once per year and those in workshop crimpers every three to five years, depending on the capacity utilization.

We will be pleased to give you individual advice, and we are also available to answer questions as regards complete overhauls, for which we recommend the two-fold to three-fold intervals.

If you contact us in this matter, please also send us the serial number and photos or videos of your UNIFLEX hydraulic crimper by e-mail to service(at)uniflex.de or, if you prefer, by WhatsApp to +49 152 03540155.

If you only need new slide bearings, please directly get in touch with our sales team at sales(at)uniflex.de. They will also be pleased to send you an offer in advance.

Last, but not least, a tip: You can extend the service life of your UNILEX hydraulic crimper even further if you suck off dry chips, e.g., by means of a workshop sucker, instead of blowing them off with compressed air or the like.

Machine still in use after 20 years

S 7

Maximal Power by minimal space requirement

The HM 10, now called the S 7, has been featured in the line-up of UNIFLEX products since 1972. With its slide bearing technology, the S 7 has many advantages for today's hose workshops.

Commonly called the Mickey Mouse crimper due to the appearance of its dual handles, at only 90 kg and with a crimp force of 240 tons, it is the most powerful lightweight crimper available, and perfectly suited for mobile applications.

With its new turn plate support (Part n° 265.2), the S 7 increases work space and can be stored easily.

Requiring only 0.75 kW, this crimper is also environment friendly.

S 7 specifications: 240 ton crimp force, up to 2" R12 hoses, max crimp range 82 mm, opening travel 24 mm. The S 7 can be delivered in not only 3 phase or single phase, but also 12 or 24 volt DC.

UNIFLEX warmly welcome new members of staff:


Since July 2018 already, Mr Benson Lim has been the new head of Uniflex-Hydraulik Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., our branch office in Singapore.

In our branch office in Montevideo (Uruguay), Mr Federico Vignolo has been responsible for internal sales since June this year.



We at Uniflex Hydraulik put special emphasis on complete customer service.
In addition to providing technical support, fast remedial actions in the event of complaints or necessary repair as well as to offering different maintenance packages, we also assist you by means of training and instruction measures – worldwide! Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us – in any form and wherever you are!

Our service packages for you:

  • Technical support (via phone, Skype, WhatsApp at +49 152 03540155 or our Service-Form)
  • Machine maintenance (general overhaul, maintenance)
  • Guarantee and repair service as well as personal handling of any complaints
  • Internal and external training comprising, e.g., product-specific training as well technical instruction for the operation and maintenance of systems and equipment


Do you need any assistance? 

You can reach our service team from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 o`clock.

Please have the following details ready so that we can handle your enquiry as quickly as possible:

  • Machine designation
  • Serial number
  • Short description of the problem, e.g., the circumstances in which the problem occurred.

Germany/ Europa

Allgemein E-Mail: service(at)uniflex.de

Facetime: service(at)uniflex.de
WhatsApp: +49 152 03540155
Skype: service(at)uniflex.de
Viber: +49 152 03540155

Latin America

For our customers in South America, we could recruit Mr Alexander Pena Rojas who supports us substantially in repair and service jobs from Montevideo (Uruguay). You can reach him at:

Regular E-Mail: serviceula(at)uniflex.de

E-Mail: alexander.rojas(at)uniflex.de
Mobile: +598 92 506 262
Tel.: +598 2 228 0026


For technical support and training in Asia, please contact our reliable staff members in Singapore and China:

In Singapore, your contact perwson is Mr. Ching Chuan Low:

Regular E-Mail: serviceap(at)uniflex.de

E-Mail: chingchuan.low(at)uniflex.de
Mobile: +65-92338641
Tel.: +65-68966795
WeChat-ID: chinghcunag_low
Skype ID: chingchuan.low(at)uniflex.de

In China, your contact person is Mr. Zhenghua Gao: 

Regular E-Mail: servicechina(at)uniflex.de

E-Mail: zhenghua.gao@uniflex.cc
Tel: +86-21-50327022 exit 801
Mobile: +86-13501870525
WeChat: +86-13501870525


As of lately, our service team in Bangalore (India) has been supported by Mr Vikash Kumar.

Regular E-Mail: service(at)uniflex.de

E-Mail: vikash.kumar(at)uniflex.de
Mobile: +91 9911635560
Tel.: +91-8028367634


For technical support and training in North America, please continue to contact our office in Chicago, Illinois. Your contact persons are Michael Baer and Craig Honda.

Allgemein E-Mail: service(at)uniflexusa.com

Contact person: Michael Baer
E-Mail: mbaer(at)uniflexusa.com
Skype: michael.baer67.
WhatsApp: +1 708 262 2508
Face Time: +1 708 262 2508

Contact person: Craig Honda
E-Mail: honda(at)uniflexusa.com
WhatsApp:+1 847 525 2073
Face Time: +1 847 525 2073

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