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  • UNIFLEX P 250 – test bench for rotating parts
  • UNIFLEX USA has expanded
  • How does our second-hand market work?
  • New colleagues on the sales team
  • Training: What do you need to paid attention to when cutting hoses?
  • Special offer for cutting machines
  • UX Inside presents itself


Test benches for flexible applications

Customer-specific applications also enable further complex tests of, e.g., screw connections, fast couplings, or hydrostatic propel drives – with a test pressure of up to 3000 bar.


50% more space in Chicago

Recently, Uniflex of America expanded its premises in Chicago by additional 4000 square feet. For prospective buyers and customers, there is now a fully equipped showroom to see the advantages of UNIFLEX machines first-hand.

Uniflex of America not only expanded its storage space and showroom, but also optimized its Technology & Support department. This included a re-organization of the team and the scope of its work.

Standing ready for you – our service team in Chicago

For technical support and training in North America, please continue to contact our office in Chicago, Illinois.

E-Mail: service(at)uniflexusa.com

Photo of Jake Kreuz

Jake KreuzOperations Manager

+1 847 519 1100
+1 847-507-1099
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Photo of Craig Honda

Craig Honda

+1 847 519 1100
+1 847 525 2073
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Photo of Thomas Atkins

Thomas Atkins

+1 847 519 1100
+1 708 262 2508
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Second-hand machines from Uniflex

1-year warranty on second-hand machines worldwide

Click to get in touch and buy the machine.


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New collegues

UNIFLEX welcomes new colleagues to the sales team

Photo of Edgar Tagheu

Edgar Tagheu

+49 (0) 6039 / 9171 217
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Ghomala'
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Photo of Nikita Patrushev

Nikita Patrushev

+7 922 138 5700
Sprachen: Englisch, Russisch
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Photo of Romain Douteau

Romain Douteau

+49 (0) 6039 9171 200
+49 (0) 172 586 9129
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Find your direct contact person here:

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Training: Important notes for correctly hose cuttings

Clean and correct cuttet hoses

Bulk hoses are professionally cut to the required length with a straight and
clean cut. The selection of the machines and cutting blades depends on the hose type and the nominal diameter.

Contamination in the hose due to residual particles and dust may damage hydraulic systems!



Hints for cleaner cuts in order to ensure a long service life for cutting machines and cutting blades:


Hose with a small diameter.


Hose with a large diameter.


Never cut without bending the hose.



UNIFLEX Cutting machines

Uniflex cutting machines offer many advantages:

  • Unique drive motors -> high torque
  • With double bearings -> low vibration -> less contamination
  • Cutting blade engineered in Germany -> precise, clean cuts
  • Engine brake and knife protection -> high degree of safety, CE compliant
  • Robust chassis -> long service life
  • 2-year warranty

TM C cutting blade

Seven times longer service life, double cutting speed, less smoke, less deposits in the hose, and less heat.

Reduces the risk of the rubber separating from the fabric.


Our offer of the year:

Buy a cutting machine in addition to a crimper, and receive an extra discount of 5% on the selected cutting machine.

This offer is valid from 01/09/2020 to 31/12/2020.

UX Inside presents itself

Your online library relating to the topic hose line assembly

In UX Inside, you can find everything your customers need to know about hose assemblies -> in order to support them and to satisfy their growing demands for quality.

Bigger, stronger, more powerful – safer!

We feel committed to supplying our customers with not only machines, but also material that enables them to produce safe hose assemblies that meet demanding technical requirements.

To achieve this, UNIFLEX has created a poster and leaflet with special information for end customers. They contain a description of the individual work steps for hose assemblies and highlight currently valid standards and regulations.

  • The most important work steps at a single glance -> Professional expertise
  • Machines and tools that should be used for the proper and professional production of hose assemblies -> Quality product
  • Here, you can find the conditions required to pass on the proven Uniflex quality to your customers.
  • Achieve advanced professional skills simply.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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