Benutzerdefinierte Angaben

Production specifications

Pressing material specific informations

This information relates to the properties of the pressed products, such as Tubes, cables, rods, hydraulic fittings and much more.

Value added in mm to the outer diameter OD of the material to be pressed.

The specification of this value into the machine control ensures the loading and unloading of the pressed goods into the press jaw of the machine.

Machine specific information

Please note that this information differs depending on the machine model.
The required values ​​can be found in our current product catalog.
Alternatively you can choose a machine via the following selection.

Machine-specific speeds

Specification of the speed in mm /second that the machine needs for the current process.
Please note that these specifications differ depending on the machine model.

Machine-specific time

Output of the calculated time in seconds, which the machine needs for the respective process of the die set.

Dispositive factors

Optional timings in seconds, which can be considered for each process cycle.

Result of the calculation

Result of the calculation

+ including service time (machine)
- excluding set-up time (operator)

+ including service time (machine)
+ including set-up time (operator)